1/32 Junkers JU 87 Stuka B2 & R2 Correction Set

Correction set for Trumpeter 1/32 Junkers Ju 87 B2 and R2

This set replaces the nose, propeller and undercarriage.

On page 1 of the kit instructions the only parts needed are,

Bulkhead J14 and the two bomb cradle mountings parts L20,L22 plus the bomb cradle itself.

These should be assembled as per the instructions (The engine is far too undersized to be used )

On page 2 of the kit instructions the only part needed is the air scoop H7.

Now to the resin parts (remember to wear the appropriate protection to prevent resin dust inhalation)

Clean up the resin casting points on all the parts first.

Check the fit of the nose halves together, resin components can warp sometimes. If this has happened just dip the offending part into very hot water (without scalding your self) Almost all resins used for model kits will become quite soft if you do this, then hold the part in the correct position while it cools.

Probably painting a few items would be best at this point, the radiators for example in a dark metallic colour. The radiator slats should be in the aircraft underside colour RLM 65 Light Blue in most cases.

The inside colour of the radiator cooling flaps could be RLM 02, Aluminium or the underside colour of the aircraft, I’m sorry but I have been unable to determine what it should be.

The radiator slats can now be glued to the radiator front, the V shape on top of the slats fits against the V at the top of the radiator and the horizontal bar that runs across the slats should be facing forwards. The radiator can now be fitted to the left (port) nose half. When fitting this make sure that the slats on the front are vertical, using the join of the nose half as a reference.

The nose halves can be glued together now (don’t worry about the small oil cooler radiator it can be added after the joint lines have been cleaned up and the nose painted

 when fitting it the face with 5 vertical bars faces forward) The air intake part H7 can now be fitted also the radiator cooling flaps using the 3 small pegs on the front of the flaps. The last part to add at this stage is the oil cooler flap on top of the nose.

When p


ng the nose try not to get too much paint into the exhaust slot as the exhausts are a good fit.

(The exhausts should be painted before fitting)

Slide the exhaust block into its slot. If you push the front of t

he block in first as far forward and in to the slot as it will go then press down the rear stubs, it should nicely position it’s self in the correct place.

The bulkhead with bomb cradle should be glued to the front of the fuselage at page 10 of the kit instructions, then the new nose can be fitted over the bulkhead.

The propeller is pretty self explanatory, both type of blades can be seen in photos. The broad VS-5 wooden blades being the most common (if weathering the VS-5 blades I think they would show RLM 02 primer not a metal colour)

Last job is to assemble the under carriage spats. Use the kit legs parts L5,L6,L9,L12,L23 and  L24, but trapping the resin wheel instead of the kit wheel in the leg fork. Fit each leg/wheel into the appropriate resin spat half and close them up with the other spat half. You will find that the plastic leg pokes out of the top of the spat, when the glue is set fully, trim off the excess leg flush with the top of the spat.

I hope the build has gone OK for you and you now have a Stuka model that looks a lot more like the real thing. If you do have a problem with the correction set just email me at BRIANLFAWCETT@aol.com  and I will do my best to sort it for you.